Hello All! The CakeBee Store is here :)

October 18,2016

Four not so obvious reasons why we have opened a store in spite of being the pioneer in selling cakes online. This is a throwback on our first blog which talked about why we do not have an outlet. [...]


The Pangs of a Delivery Model

March 23,2016

It has been close to four months since we opened the doors to our online portal on November 15. I had previously written a blog on why we have the delivery model instead of a brick and mortar store. [...]


Have you met BeeGo?

January 27,2016

If you have not seen BeeGo yet on the streets chances that you are new to Coimbatore are very high. BeeGo straddles throughout the city day in and day out delivering smiles one after the other. [...]


Christmas With CakeBee

December 09,2015

Christmas is almost upon us and it is a festival that is very special for CakeBee. A festival that has cakes as one of the centerpieces of celebration is indeed going to be a joy for us. [...]


Cakes – What do they mean to us?

November 29,2015

This one is going to be reflective. A little deeper than our earlier blog. A question that we asked ourselves. Being a team of folks who pursued education like engineering, Masters in business in the finest of institutes and having worked in defining roles for the best MNCs, this question naturally arose to us. [...]


Hello CakeBee! Where is your outlet?

November 23,2015

Four not so obvious reasons why we chose to deliver at your doorstep for free. [...]