Hello All! The CakeBee Store is here :)

Four not so obvious reasons why we have opened a store in spite of being the pioneer in selling cakes online. This is a throwback on our first blog which talked about why we do not have an outlet.


Our apologies for this edition of the blog coming out so late. While we do not have a schedule on blogs, we do wish that we can write more often and share all our thoughts here.

A typical conversation that we have had over the nine months since launch goes something like this:

Customer: Hello CakeBee! What do you have other than cakes? We love your cakes. Why not launch other bakery products?

Your Friend at CakeBee: Our minimum delivery order value is Rs.350. A lot of our products do not meet this requirement. However, we can definitely do bulk orders.

This got us thinking and we were wondering if we really needed to have a store. If yes, what can we offer that cannot be done online?  

#1 Choice, choice & more choice

While our online offering had a huge variety and flavor of cakes, we did not offer any other bakery products. A majority of them was not feasible for delivery and whatever was feasible for delivery in terms of quantity was not really needed by the customers. A store can solve for this. We can offer a huge variety of products that we were perfectly capable of producing in the best of quality & taste. From Bread to cookies, Cake jars to pastries, Sandwiches to Pizzas, we have it all.

The CakeBee Store

#2 Live Baking

Our huge emphasis has always been on offering the freshest of products. Our scales work in a very different way. While science will tell us a product will not expire for a certain number of days, we reduce it by at least half when we plan production. This enables to not use preservatives and provide the healthiest of products. Also, we have an imported live baking counter in our store where most of our products are baked fresh during regular intervals in the day so that when you walk in, most of the products you see are always fresh.

#3 The Experience

A wise man once said “Seeing is deceiving. It’s eating that is believing”. He probably said it when he wanted to order bakery products online. While our site is one of the best and the photos are out of the world, you will still have questions about our taste. After all, cakes are for special occasions and there is no way you can go wrong with that. A store makes it so much easier to walk in, experience the product so that when you order the next time, you have developed complete faith in the product that you will be receiving.

#4 Your Savior

How many times have you wanted to just pick up a cake because you had forgotten to plan earlier? Because you had been really busy? Because you feel it is more convenient? A store definitely solves for it. While our online offering has a lead time of 2 hours, you can just walk into our store and pick from the available cakes. We are still obsessed about freshness and replenish our stocks twice daily in the store as well. While the options in the store may be less from a design perspective, you will still have a choice of flavors that will suit you for such last minute purchases.

Visit the CakeBee Store in Saibaba Colony. It’s opposite to Boomerang and tagged on google maps as well. The link for the same is https://goo.gl/maps/ngPaazocr9v . Do visit us and provide your feedback as a comment to this post. We will look forward to it.

The Pangs of a Delivery Model

It has been close to four months since we opened the doors to our online portal on November 15. I had previously written a blog on why we have the delivery model instead of a brick and mortar store. As clichéd as it may sound, a business can only survive if it solves a real problem for the customer. And our delivery model very clearly has done that. But there are always two sides to a story.

This is other side about the challenges of making every delivery on time. It’s a great challenge to solve and we are having fun doing it. With this blog, the objective is to share scenarios that needs to be fixed to have a smooth operation for the larger audience including future delivery based startups so that they can be better prepared.

#1. The D-Day

The greatest challenge of any business is to ensure that every day runs the same way irrespective of the resources available on a particular day.  Time, tide and the customer wait for none. There have been days where we have learnt the hard way that a key resource will not be making it at the last minute and a huge pipeline of orders needs to be addressed. Other days where requisite raw materials are not available and even others where external events like a traffic jam or an accident will totally change the plan for the day. In short, Dooms day has arrived. How do you manage it? Resources cannot be infinite. Inventory can’t be huge. External factors cannot be dictated.

#2. The randomness of orders

Unlike a brick and mortar store, an online portal is always open. 24/7, 365 days a year. Orders can flow in anytime during the day and night. Although we have categories and delivery slots, the shop is open 24*7 while the employees work only 9 hours a day. Even with shifts, you can’t cover more than 14 hours in a day for a model like this. Restrictions are not viable as the entire business is about convenience. An example scenario would be multiple people ordering late in the night for a morning delivery. While we have categories that have 2 hour and 6 hour delivery period, customers can book cakes the night before while baking starts early morning as all our orders are made fresh. Another scenario would be a slack morning and an extremely busy afternoon.

#3. The domino effect on delivery

Wikipedia describes domino effect as the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. With finite delivery executives, even one late delivery in the morning or any point during the day due to a plethora of reasons including late preparation of cake, address provided is wrong, customer changing delivery address to a faraway destination at the last minute and customer not being available on phone or at the delivery point leading to increased wait times produces a domino effect. The delivery executive is going to be late for his next order and the impact continues. Add to this the randomness of orders that will spike at any point during the day.

External event like an accident can have a domino effect


#4. The art of saying no

Commitment is the corner stone of any business. Personally, I would think twice before committing to any order that does not meet our category guidelines. We receive calls throughout the day with customers requesting for cakes that require special work to be delivered at the earliest. Saying no for a first time customer would kind of repel him/her from ever coming back to us again.  Saying yes and not delivering as promised is going to have an even worse effect. How and when do you say no? What sort of risk are you willing to take and what will you not?

The stakes are huge as every cake is centerpiece of a celebration and the moment is never coming back if you commit any kind of mistake.

For us, technology and a great team has been the life savers. Technology that has been tailor-made over observations on a daily basis has helped manage variation in most of scenarios (We will talk about this in our future blogs in more detail). But the most important has been a great team that is ready to roll up sleeves and face the challenge head on whenever required. We have had co-founders do deliveries, pack cakes, clean utensils and take up anything that comes in the way which will affect customer experience. Build a great team and half of your problem is solved. Technology and innovation will come in next.


This blog was also published in YourStory.

Have you met BeeGo?

If you have not seen BeeGo yet on the streets chances that you are new to Coimbatore are very high. BeeGo straddles throughout the city day in and day out delivering smiles one after the other. BeeGo is our chief delivery officer, our Nano in chief, your friend who ensures every delivery meets the highest set of standards that we have set.

In line with our series on sharing to the world why we do things the way we do, this blog will speak about why we chose Nano of all cars for delivery?

  • Make in India: As any other startup, we are fiercely proud of products that are built in India. These products are a reflection of our entrepreneurial spirit to the rest of the world. Nano is our automotive icon that has got international recognition since the day the car was announced. It’s our way of lending our hand to the startup ecosystem.

  • Ground clearance: How many times has a cake been delivered to you that has been damaged on the sides and the general reason cited is the bad road conditions. Nano has an SUV like ground clearance of 180mm which reduces the possibility of the cars scraping against speed breakers as well as our crater sized potholes. End Result: Your cake comes intact

  • Compactness: Of all things that has been said about the Nano, the first and foremost thing has been that it is a city car. A car that can be used to squeeze through the heavy traffic in the city due to its compact dimensions. End Result: Your cakes comes on time 

  • Height & Interior Space: Most of the cake shops where you order wedding cakes or cakes for big occasions refute the responsibility of delivering it. We are not one of them. Reason: Our Nano is one of the tallest cars in the business and although it may look compact from outside, it is enormous interior space. You need to sit in one to believe it.  End Result: We deliver all orders irrespective of however big or tall the cake maybe. 

  • Best AC in its class: During summers, most of the fresh cream cakes are delivered watery as all fresh cream cakes need to be maintained at a certain temperature. We at CakeBee believe that every cake should be delivered at the optimum temperature. To ensure that it is done, every cake is packed in a special box surrounded by chill packs to ensure the cake is fresh. In addition to this, the super powerful AC of Nano works it’s magic to protect the cakes from the harsh effects of ever-rising summer temperatures. End Result: The freshest cakes delivered to your doorstep

I am sure the good folks at Tata motors are going to enjoy this blog more than even we did writing this.  Every decision that we make is based on a lot of research to ensure that every cake that is delivered meets your expectations. Watch out for BeeGo during your daily commutes. To have a more up-close experience with BeeGo, you can order online and watch him deliver cakes to your doorstep.

Christmas With CakeBee

Christmas is almost upon us and it is a festival that is very special for CakeBee. A festival that has cakes as one of the centerpieces of celebration is indeed going to be a joy for us. We have planned and perfected our recipes over a period of time to ensure that the cakes we dole out for Christmas not only meets but exceeds your expectations. After all, Christmas is all about the joy of giving.

Christmas is usually celebrated with a variety of cakes depending on the preferences and taste palette of the individual. However, there are certain cakes that stand out as Christmas specials and we would like to touch upon them sharing how we make them and why are they special.

Rich Plum Cake: A Cake that is the source of all joy and pleasure during Christmas. Our trademark plum creation spoils you with a choice of rich fruits including raisins, figs, dates and cherry baked together in a magic concoction forming rich cake layered with delectable dry fruits and choiciest of nuts. You have not tasted it all until you have had CakeBee's rich plum cake. Prices starting at Rs. 350 per ½ kg including free delivery

Christmas Plum Cake

Wine Cake: Wine cakes are getting popular in recent times with a large section of the younger generation selecting it as their choice of cake for Christmas. A fruity cake that has a delectable mulled wine taste to it. Just like wine, the cake gets better after maturing for a while.  Layered with the rich fruits, each bite ushers in the joy of Christmas. Prices starting at Rs. 450 per ½ kg including free delivery

Christmas Wine Cake

Dundee Delight Cake: A traditional Scottish cake with a light fruit flavor. A favorite for corporate gifting, Dundee cakes are layered with cherries, sultanas and almonds embellished with a sweet glaze. A distinct feature of the Dundee cake is the top being decorated with almonds in exquisite patterns. Prices starting at Rs. 495 per ½ kg including free delivery

Christmas Dundee Cake

Red Velvet Cake: What's red and white and velvety all over? If your answer is Santa's suit, we would like to introduce you to our Christmas special Red Velvet cake. Made from the best of cream cheese and yummy red velvet sponge, this is one cake that will go well with the spirit of Christmas. Prices starting at Rs. 795 per ½ kg including free delivery

Red Velvet Cake with Cheese Cream

Themed Cakes: One of the star attractions of all Christmas celebrations is the themed cakes. Special favorites include Santa wishing a merry Christmas, Chocolate Yule log & the ever loved snowman. At CakeBee, we are glad to serve all of these to you crafted to perfection in fondant and cream.  If you have the custom theme in mind planned for your party, we can have that baked to perfection as well. Prices vary depending on the type of theme and the weight of the cake. However, all our cakes come with the free delivery promise.

                  Christmas Theme Cakes

We have put a lot of thoughts to ensure you have your favorite cake for the season of cheer. Go ahead and celebrate your #ChristmasWithCakeBee.

To place your orders call us at the numbers below:
Coimbatore  - +91 - 75020 31113
Trichy          - +91 - 96592 31113

You can order online on www.cakebee.in as well.

Cakes – What do they mean to us?

This one is going to be reflective. A little deeper than our earlier blog. A question that we asked ourselves. Being a team of folks who pursued education like engineering, Masters in business in the finest of institutes and having worked in defining roles for the best MNCs, this question naturally arose to us. Why Cakes? Why not work for corporations for big salaries? Why not involve in cut throat research? Why Cakes when every street in Coimbatore has at least five different vendors selling them?

CakeBee is about like-minded people coming together to create something that will affect emotions of a larger group of people than just their families and close ones.
The idea arose when a group of friends met after a really long time to celebrate the birthday of one of those gathered. It was decided not to go out to buy cakes as they had met after a while and did not want to waste time running around for cakes. We decided to order one in and failed spectacularly on getting it on the same day.  A lot of time and energy went into buying the cake rather than catching up and spending time together.

That’s when we realized a cake is a lot more than just an accessory to an occasion. A cake is all of these to us:
• A bond between a parent and a child. A being that will bring infinite joy to special occasions. A memory captured in time that one can relive for aeons to come.
• A tribute to one’s love. A gesture to say how much he or she means. A sculpture in cream to cement together happiness.
• An understated message between friends when a face is painted with the colours of happiness. A cake smash is all that is needed to say “You will be my friend forever”
There lie a hundred more occasions and emotions that a cake speaks for.

We, at Cakebee, want you to not miss even a single occasion or emotion for lack of time to buy a cake. While you spend time with your loved ones, we bake our loved creations and deliver them to you whenever you need. Throughout the day and when the clock strikes twelve.

Because cakes have taught us to celebrate, to care and to share.
We believe every cake from Cakebee is lighting up someone’s occasion and we will strive to ensure that every part of the process is cared for with the utmost attention. After all, we count our success with every smile delivered.

Hello CakeBee! Where is your outlet?

Four not so obvious reasons why we chose to deliver at your doorstep for free.

Customer: Hello CakeBee! Where is your outlet?  

Your Friend at CakeBee: Our outlet is in your palm. All you need is to type www.cakebee.in in your mobile browser and our outlet will appear right in front of you wherever you are.

CakeBee Online Order and Delivery Model

In just a week after launch, we have been asked this multiple times. People wonder why we choose to deliver rather than have an outlet.  They have advised it would have been much easier for us.  Yes of course but we are not in this business to solve our problem. We are here to solve yours.

#1. 3 Trips = 1 cake problem

I am sure all of us have gone through this. We generally make 3 trips to buy a cake for a special occasion. The first goes into acclimatizing with what’s on offer. The second goes into placing an order after discussing with friends and family. The third goes into actually picking up the cake. A lot of times we compromise to avoid these trips and end up buying what’s available rather than what we need. It is much better to see the selection online and choose with friends and family and order. Our photos make it far easier to decide as well. 

#2. Why is my cake not fresh problem

A majority of cakes made these days are made from fresh cream as they are delicious. The problem is they need to be refrigerated at all times to maintain the texture and taste. With the current traffic situation, by the time you take the cake home, it is not what it should have been.  We deliver in a special box with gel packing so that the cake is always refrigerated and reaches your fresh. Also, our packaging is to die for. 

#3. Premium quality cakes are so expensive

Let’s face it. Outlets that sell premium cakes should look and feel premium as well. That’s when we as a consumer would be ready to pay. A very important point to note is that for takeaway cakes the ambience and location have nothing to do with the quality of cakes but you do end up paying for it. The same cake can be done for far lesser cost with same or even better quality if one did not have to pay for all expenses towards maintaining an outlet.  Our pricing will clearly indicate to you how much benefits we are passing on to you while providing exceptional quality. 

#4. The world is changing problem

Traffic along with it pollution worsens every day, our lives get busier and most importantly what is the use of technology if I can’t buy anything I want from wherever I am. For a changing world, you need a changing practice. Gone are the days when you had to go to buy a product. The product should come to you these days because it’s good for everyone involved. Delivery model reduces capital expenditure providing more jobs to the economy and offers great convenience to the customer. 

We truly believe that we have solved your not so obvious but very critical pain points. We will be glad to hear your viewpoints and feedback.